Friday, April 19, 2013

siste kniver i vintersesongen

Campher and Maple handles - Puronvarsi hand-forged blade, 95 mm Blades

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Land of Earthly Delights

End of Semester Show (Fall 2012).
Performance: Making Saj Bread
Material: Clay bowls, Cast Iron Saj, Flour for Bread

summer with the Assafs

A month long apprenticeship in traditional stone-carving with the wonderful Assaf brothers (Assaf, Aref, and Mansour), Shouf, Mount Lebanon.

Note: Top Right: sculpture by Assaf Assaf. The Rest are pictures of process, product, and the brothers three.

for david's daughter and ginny the poo

David's daughter is going to receive the bigger knife from her dad:
Handle - Pacific Northwestern sustainably harvested walnut, no glue
Blade - Puronvarsi hand-forged blade, 75 mm model 5286.
Sheath - Leather

Ginny's knife blade is a teeny tiny chip carving knife with a full tang.
Blade - Damascus Steel. [I cut, shaped, tempered, and sharpened it myself, in a workshop taught by Bob Keegan at Oregon College of Art and Craft (The Intimate Blade). my very first knife blade!] Handle - Unknown wood scrap, brass pins, epoxy
Sheath - Leather.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

carpel tunnel - raised copper

Greg Wilbur, a wonderful Portland-based artist, has kindly agreed to tutor me in the ways of Raising Copper. This small gourd was hammered out of a flat, circular sheet of copper, after which I experimented with techniques of Repousse. The patina is just remnants of pitch treated with heat (I stuck it in an oven).

Friday, October 19, 2012

today's lunch money

Latest knife endeavor... welcome to the world, big sharp object!

- Handle: Walnut -- Sustainably harvested in the Pacific Northwest, where the iron in the soil gives the Walnut the most delicious red tinge.
- Blade:  Mora from Sweden 96 mm (Laminated Steel)
- Sheath: Rawhide Leather, treated with Olive oil and Lemon juice

This Handle shape has officially been named "The Meghan," seeing as it was inspired by a dear friend of mine who took her knife farming all summer: Meghan Morris.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My dreaming knives have little homes now